This blog contain lots of dark wallpapers for the user of i phone, android phones , tables, i pad, laptops and also for desktops.
After lot of time thinking about this web blog i come to this conclusion that i can use the image on my website that are available on internet for free from copyright.
So on this blog i am using all that wallpapers that free from copyright and also you can use this wallpapers for you blogs or website.
Our big reference for these wallpapers is google web image search and unsplash dot com. This blog have many wallpapers that are created by my self and am still creating and all my post in this blog will free for users.
Am alone in my team and hope i'll increase the team member if this blor run very well.

If you have any questions about this website then feel free to ask me at ashueffects@gmail.com.
Thank You!


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